Scholarship Winners!!!

Back in March, we offered the first-ever Finger Lakes Dental Care academic scholarship to three loyal patients.  Contestants were asked to submit an application, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and most importantly a video telling us why they should be considered for the scholarship.  After carefully reviewing dozens of applicants our scholarship review committee is pleased to announce the winners.  Patricia Loiacono, Genevieve Rotz, and Andria Denome are this year’s FLDC academic scholarship winners.  Each will be awarded $1,000 to put towards their academic endeavors.

Many of you have asked us why we decided to start a scholarship program.  Well, the answer is actually quite simple…it’s about time!  Recognizing that the costs for higher education keeps rising, we felt this scholarship was an easy way to give back to the community that has welcomed us with open arms.  We feel so blessed to be a part of this community, it just seemed like the right thing to do.  Plus, I hope that this money can play a small part in growing future leaders in our community.

Although the selection process was not easy, as there were dozens of great candidates, Patricia, Genevieve and Andria stood out from the group.  In the narratives and videos below you can glean a small glimpse into the high character and allure each winner radiates.  Please join me in congratulating the three winners!!!

Genevieve Rotz

Genevieve graduated from Canandaigua Academy this year.  Inspired from her time volunteering at Thompson Hospital, she developed a deep passion for the healthcare field.  Starting this fall, she will start her journey to become an RN, and touch people’s lives by helping them during their time of need.

Patricia Loiacono

Patricia is a caring, generous, and dependable young woman with a strong sense of family.  The resiliency of her character is best illustrated in the way she balances multiple jobs, while attending classes at Finger Lakes Community College.  Her strong passion for the culinary arts motivates her, and she aspires to transfer to a four-year college in pursuit of her dreams.

Andria Denome

Andria has been described as reliable, hard-working, motivated, and caring.  She will go out of her own way to help others, and is selfless with her time.  Currently, Andria is attending the University of Vermont where she continues to apply her enthusiasm and dedication for learning. Staying true to her character, Andria always goes above and beyond in everything she does.  This is evident in the time she put into her video submission below.


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