Cone Beam X-Ray

At Finger Lakes Dental, safety and efficiency are both top priorities for us in treating our patients. We provide an advanced way of performing x-rays using the Cone Beam X-ray. This machine presents many advantages including lower cost, faster performance, better information for your dentist and safer treatment. The Cone Beam X-ray uses a much lower level of radiation compared to a traditional x-ray system. The process is fast too – just 20 seconds and x-rays are complete! In addition, x-rays can be seen in 3D imaging, giving your dentist more accurate information for various treatments such as dental implants. 

All around, our Cone Beam X-ray will provide your dentist with exceptional information for treating your smile, while making it more comfortable and convenient for you as well! If you are in need of dental x-rays in Canandaigua, NY, call today to set up a visit!