Why are Dental Consultations Important?

dr-jason2-copyA dental consultation is a no-cost non-invasive visit with one of our dentists where you can discuss various treatment options. If you’re considering a major dental procedure, a consultation is a good idea, and can be important for several reasons. Read on to learn more.

Exploring Your Options

Most dental problems can be solved through a have a variety of possible solutions. You should choose your approach based on your budget, comfort level, and cosmetic desires. For example, if you’re asking yourself any of these questions:

  • What’s the best way to replace my missing teeth?
  • My dentures are loose and move around when I eat. What are my options?
  • Do I have options to replace my denture?
  • I’d like to improve my smile. What cosmetic options are available for my situation?

Then a dental consultation is the way to go! During your consultation, we will explore all the options available to you. You’re not required to schedule a procedure after your Photo Jun 10, 1 10 03 PMconsultation. Most dental offices in the area have limited capability to perform specialty dental procedures.  However, at Finger Lakes Dental Care we can perform almost any procedure you may need so you do not have to get bounced from office to office to get your dental treatment completed.  We even have an on-site dental lab. You deserve to get the care and treatment that’s the best fit for you.

Understanding the Procedure

Some dental procedures can be quite complex. We take pride in our approach to ensuring our patients are well informed and educated on all aspects of the procedure 1111150717_HDRbeing considered. During the consultation, we will answer all of your questions and make sure you receive a detailed explanation of what will take place while you’re in the office. In many cases, we provide a helpful visual, using tooth models and product samples to help you better understand each step of the procedure. If you’re nervous, this may also help to ease some of your tension or fear.

Checking Your Eligibility

Dental care is highly personalized. Each person and each tooth is different.  A treatment that worked for one person may not be as suitable for another. Plus, other health conditions may even affect your eligibility for certain procedures as well. For example, if you’re taking blood thinners, you may need to stop them briefly to prevent excessive bleeding during the procedure. We will discuss all health problems and medications with you during the consultation, so you don’t arrive for a procedure only to find that you can’t complete it that day.

Providing Additional Care Tips

Good dental hygiene seems pretty straightforward, but many patients are missing key elements of their dental care routine. You may brush daily, but find that you’re not using the best toothpaste for your individual needs. Perhaps you floss regularly but aren’t aware of the proper method for getting around tricky tooth formations.

In addition to discussing a procedure you are considering; a consultation is one of the best times to address regular dental care issues. We can offer a wealth of information and advice that will help you properly care for and protect your teeth. This is particularly important if you’re considering a major restorative dental procedure. You want to ensure that your refreshed smile gets proper care and attention so you can protect not just your newly restored teeth, but also your new implant, filling, denture, veneers, or other feature.

Exploring Payment Options

It is no surprise to anyone that some dental procedures can come with a high price tag. At your consultation, we will discuss payment options and our administrative staff will B roll FLDC Canandaigua and extra Kami interview.mp4.00_10_09_19.Still004be happy to contact your insurance provider, if you have one, to determine what portion of the bill you’re responsible for.  We will also be sure to provide a written estimate for the procedure. If you don’t feel that you can pay the sum in one visit, ask about one of our financing options, which many come with little or no interest.

A dental consultation gives you a better idea of what’s ahead and how to proceed. Meeting with one of our dentists will give you a well-rounded view of the issue and available treatments, and hopefully the confidence to move forward and schedule your procedure.  But either way, a consultation visit should give you all the information you need.


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