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Sedation dentistry has afforded our office the opportunity to welcome in a large number of patients that had previously stayed away from the dentist for a long long time. In fact, nearly one in five people suffer from some degree of dental anxiety.  Usually, it’s due to someone being traumatized by a dentist when they were young. Perhaps, they had a horrible experience many years ago and just the thought of a dentist brings back all those feeling of anxiety, discomfort and stress. They start to sweat just THINKING about calling a dentist. As a result of sheer necessity, these patients finally come into the office due to an unbearable toothache that they simply couldn’t live with anymore, or possibly due to a broken unsightly front tooth. Maybe, they come in because they have a wedding to attend, or a class reunion coming up.

Fortunately, the stress and anxiety that led them to put their dental work off for years is whisked away in our relaxing and comfortable setting.  To top it off, our proven sedation techniques let our patients rest peacefully regardless of what procedure needs to be performed.

Our sedation protocols have been tweaked and modified over the last 10 years to make it seamless for our patients. The experience we’ve gained over the years have helped us to perfect the process.  Everything from determining the right medications to take, to what and when to eat, and even providing explicit instructions for your driver. Everything is covered in great detail to make your experience second to none.


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“That was the best dental experience of my life!”

I am so blessed to hear that statement often, usually every day. We do a lot of sedation dentistry, usually one to two cases a day. Normally, we want to see our sedation patients the next day just to make sure everything we did for them the day before is perfect. Almost every time I come in the room to check on the patient I hear things like, “that was painless”…it still gives me chills. Here are a few other very common things we hear:

“I don’t remember anything from my appointment yesterday!”

“I have had NO pain!”

“I wish I would have gone through this years ago!”

“I LOVE how my teeth look!”

Maybe you don’t have fear and anxiety about the dentist, so…should you still consider sedation dentistry? ABSOLUTELY! Do you have difficulty getting numb? Do you have a bad gag reflex? Do you need dental treatment that’s going to take a long time and like the idea of simply sleeping through the appointment instead of being awake and aware of everything going on? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please consider sedation dentistry.

Have questions? Call our office and let me start to help you get some answers.

Dr. Jason


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