Ready to have the smile of your dreams? Many of us have dental goals in sight, but never take the plunge to invest in our smile. If you think about it, our smile is worth every penny we put into it! It’s the first thing people notice and most of the time what they remember the most. A smile is contagious, breaks language barriers and leaves a lasting impression. The more confidence we have in our smile, the more likely we will be to share it with others. Having a straight smile can also improve the health of your teeth. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, setting you up for a better future for your smile.

At Finger Lakes Dental, we enjoy helping our patients reach their dental goals. Not only seeing the cosmetic transformations, but the boost of confidence and the satisfaction it brings patients who have always wanted their smile to reach the next level. A big part of helping people reach their dental goals is the field of orthodontics. This avenue allows our team to help fix crowding, spacing and misaligned teeth. What a difference orthodontics can make!

We offer traditional braces as well as clear aligners. Your dentist can help you determine the best treatment for your smile. Both avenues will leave you with great results! Traditional braces are often recommended for more extensive alignment that needs to be done, while clear aligners work quickly for smiles that don’t need as many adjustments.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are more advanced than ever before and offer the best option for many patients. Regular orthodontic visits will keep the straightening process on track. The length of treatment depends on how much work needs to be done. After your dentist assesses your smile he can give you an estimated time frame for treatment. Traditional braces can be administered to children, teens and adults. 

Six Month Smiles

At Finger Lakes Dental, we offer Six Month Smiles. Just as the name indicates, these clear aligners produce lasting results and the average length of treatment is just six months! Imagine just six months from now having the smile you’ve always wanted! Some of the advantages of clear aligners compared to traditional braces include:

  • Short treatment time
  • No metal brackets or braces
  • Removable aligners for brushing, flossing and eating
  • Nearly invisible aligners that won’t bring unnecessary attention to your smile during the straightening process

If you are in search of orthodontics in New York, call our Finger Lakes Dental office to set up a consultation! Your dentist can go over the best options for reaching your smile goals!