I’m sure everyone has seen the relentless countdowns reminding us that Christmas is only four weeks away!  However, this also means that there are only 4 weeks left until your unused insurance benefits or flexible spending money is gone!FSA Spending


Every year billions of dollars from insurance policies are left unused across the country. Are you allowing your hard earned benefits to simply waste away? This is a benefit that you have already paid for, do you want to lose it? For the average insurance policy $1,000 is allotted per person to use for dental treatment. How much of that do you have left on your policy?


Let’s assume that you have a few things going on with your teeth, and you need a single crown on the lower right and bridge to replace a missing tooth or the upper left. The total cost for that treatment, without any insurance coverage4280221124_dcd9dddd43, is about $4,000. As we are coming towards the end of the year, you could maximize your insurance by doing the bridge this year and the single crown next year. By breaking up the treatment
strategically, you have just saved $1,500 of OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE and maximized your insurance, so you are leaving less money unused on the table.


If you have outstanding dental treatment that you have not scheduled yet, please call us to discuss your pending treatment needs before the end of the year. Weflexible-spending-accounts.333173128_std have team members available to explain your dental benefits, and to battle the insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you maximize the full benefit of your insurance policy. If you have no dental needs at this time then please accept this as a reminder that we are concerned with keeping your out-of-pocket dental costs to a minimum.

Dr. Jason


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