March Community Meal


Hi Everyone,

Another hugely successful Community Meal is in the books. We had an awesome day yesterday!

We made a few logistical changes yesterday that ended up being great decisions for us. We were able to serve just north of 1,000 meals and did it in a way where things
ran much smoother than normal without most of the chaos that we have seen in the past. 17352395_1886074798271376_3491485301173319680_n

Please allow me a few minutes to thank some key people.

  1. Eric and Gilligan, from the Green Front and The Office stepped up big. The food was great and our guests raved about it. Gilligan even ran out late to the Green Front for tater tots, as we were running out of food.
  1. Coach Owide and the Canandaigua Softball program was huge in helping us not only keep the food lines moving but they also helped with lots of little odds and ends that 17424753_1886518998226956_1448492303015735226_nallowed us to keep things moving. Thank you so much for giving up vital practice time to help us serve others.
  1. Mr. Via and the many 7th grade band players from Canandaigua for providing great entertainment for our guests during the event. You could tell these kids were very nervous but Mr. Via coached them up well and they were amazing. Really cool to see them perform yesterday. So talented.
  1. Lindsey managed to seamlessly get 346 meals out to our community via an army of drivers, her trusty laptop computer, a phone that wouldn’t stop ringing and a group of volunteers that created assembly line like processes to get the meals out in waves. Phenomenal job Lindsey and her delivery team.
  1. Emily and Christine did a great job with room set up and breakdown. Both were instrumental with the success of the entire day both in planning the event and staying throughout the meal to help in anyway they could. Special thanks to Troop 17361746_1886519458226910_6382019172224122510_n949, under the direction of Kim and Patti, a group of 4th grade girl scouts that did an amazing job with the centerpieces.
  1. Thank you Donna for organizing almost 20 local charities, churches and community organizations that were able to be onsite and INSIDE the fire hall to help inform our guests about all the services available to them. I appreciate you all being present and hope you realize the value you bring to our guests
  1. Jennifer was on top of desserts as always. We quickly realized we were going to run out of desserts. Special thanks to Walmart for donating 75 dollars worth.
  1. Thanks to the Canandaigua Fire Hall for being so accommodating to us

One final housekeeping item . . . . We have the next 2 meals scheduled, May 15th and July 17th. Both Mondays. Hope to see you there

Check out this FB link for some pics of yesterdays meal. Please feel free to add any pics you took in the comment section.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions. Thank you so much for everything you do.




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