Pediatric Dentistry

Having a good dentist for your child is important! Their memories of dental experiences will stay with them through adulthood. It is our goal to make their visits enjoyable and stress-free. Keeping up with their regular check-ups can help children become less nervous and more at ease each time they visit. 

At what age should my child have their first dental check-up?

The recommended age for a child’s first dental visit is one year old. At this visit, they will meet our team and have some fun in the dentist chair! Nothing extensive will be done, but their dentist will be able to answer questions that you have and check your child’s teeth for any signs of decay or future concerns such as a gap in their teeth or other alignment issues. After this visit, regular check-ups can be scheduled every six months. 

In addition to regular check-ups, daily oral hygiene is key to a healthy smile. Brushing at least twice a day in addition to flossing is recommended. Avoiding sugary foods and brushing after sweets have been eaten can help prevent tooth decay. Teaching your little one to have good oral habits from a young age will pave the way for them to have a healthy smile for life! 

Once your child is old enough, dental sealants are recommended to be placed on the back molars. Dental sealants are made of a plastic material that is painted onto the teeth to provide a protective covering. Sealants protect the deep crevices and hard-to-reach places of the back teeth. Typically sealants can be applied around six years of age. Sealants are made to last for many years and provide an extra layer of protection from tooth decay.

If you are in search of a pediatric dentist in Henrietta, NY, we would love the chance to help your little one stay on the path towards a lifelong healthy smile! Call our office today to set up their new patient visit!