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Whether you are facing dental fears or want to get a lot of dental treatment done in just a few visits, sedation dentistry could be the answer for you! We offer two types of sedation – nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Your dentist can help you determine which sedation is the best fit for you. If you are in search of sedation dentistry in Henrietta, NY, call Finger Lakes Dental Care today to set up a free sedation consultation!

A – Nitrous oxide is given through a mask. The sedation begins to set in within minutes and you will feel relaxed and at ease throughout the entire visit! Once the mask is removed, the sedation will begin to wear off. The nice thing about nitrous sedation is your dentist can adjust the level of sedation throughout the visit as needed. 

A – Oral sedation is simply given through a pill. You will take the pill before your visit begins so that you are able to feel comfortable as soon as you sit down for your appointment. Oral sedation can take some time to completely wear off so a driver will need to accompany you.

A – Yes! Many patients have completely changed their view of dental visits thanks to sedation dentistry. Sedation makes each visit easier and you can come in with the peace of mind that you can be relaxed through the entire appointment, no matter what treatment is needed.

A – A sedation consultation is the best place to start! Depending on your goals and your needs, your dentist can help you determine the best sedation option for your upcoming visits.


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Why Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Overall, your dental experience can be better with the help of sedation. Improve your dental visits by just adding sedation to the mix. Why not make your dental visits better?

Don’t go to the dentist with stress. No more do you need to let your worry build the entire day leading up to your visit. Know you can sit through any appointment without anxiety.

If you are in need of a lot of treatment, your dentist can get a lot done in just one visit with the help of sedation. Without sedation, your visits may have to be spread out over several visits.

Who wouldn’t like to say they relaxed throughout their entire dental visit? Rather than being tense, you can be completely at ease. Just sit back and relax.

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So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in sedation dentistry, schedule a consultation today – absolutely free! What do you have to lose? Take the first step towards a better dental experience and actually enjoy working on the smile of your dreams!  If you are in search of sedation dentistry in Henrietta, NY, call Finger Lakes Dental Care to get started. You’ll wonder why you waited so long! 

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