FLDC Offers Same-Day Denture Repairs

Despite taking every precaution to keep your dentures safe and clean, accidents can occur.  Plus, Murphy’s Law assures that if an accident will happen, it happens at the worst possible time.  Fortunately, you’re in luck!!!  Equipped to handle such emergencies, Finger Lakes Dental Care in Canandaiguahouses an on-site denture lab and can perform most repairs while you wait. And, more importantly, we can typically accommodate patients the same day they call so stressing over getting an appointment is no longer a concern.
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The in-house lab provides FLDC the ability to provide same-day denture repairs

Not all denture repairs are the result of an accident or are an emergency, however.  Just like our regular teeth, they can become worn down or chipped.  Plus, general wear and tear can cause a misalignment and poor fit that is uncomfortable.  Do you need to use a tone of denture glue every time you put your dentures in? From a fractured denture to one that is ill fitting to a simple missing or broken tooth, we accommodate all repairs, re-fittings and re-alignments, despite the urgency.
You may be wondering, how we can provide such timely repairs and adjustments? We can accomplish this through our in-office denture lab, managed by our highly experienced lab technician, Geoff Tucker.   Geoff brings over twenty years of experience to Finger Lakes Dental Care, and has mastered the art of denture repairs and adjustments.  Its Geoff’s technical experience coupled with his exemplary customer services skills that allows FLDC to offer high quality, timely denture repairs.  In fact, it is with this experience that Geoff and the lab can go beyond just denture repair, and now offer same-day night guards, retainers and custom whitening trays.
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Geoff providing chair-side service during a denture re-alignment

Many times people will experience an urgent problem with their denture and feel that they have no other choice but to buy an at-home repair kit. The damaged denture or partial may be impairing their ability to chew, or may be causing them unnecessary embarrassment.  Whatever the damage is, we strongly encourage you to give us a call instead, and let our qualified staff assist you.  Trying to fix a broken denture yourself can lead to irreversible damage and an inability for us to ultimately repair it the correct way. With our dental lab being on-site, coupled with Geoff’s years of experience, repairs are convenient and affordable. Trying to fix them yourselves may be well intended, but could possibly lead to further irreversible damage.  Plus, at home kits are only a temporary measure that likely won’t fully repair the damage.
“I had an emergency denture issue, so I just dropped by the office unannounced. Geoff was able to get me in, and fixed my problem. The guy is a true artist, and like everyone else at FLDC, he’s awesome!”-Dave B.
When visiting us, either for an emergency repair or routine adjustment/maintenance or a brand new set of dentures, Geoff will work with you and the dentist chairside to get the perfect fit for you. Call to discover what we can do for you!
“This office knows how to treat their patients. Wonderfully friendly, responsive, and understanding. I wasn’t even a patient of theirs but they fit me in immediately to repair my broken denture. I would highly recommend FL Dental Care!”-Alice F.

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