Dental Implants…A Refreshing Alternative to Dentures

D72_0925Despite their strength and excellent design, our natural teeth don’t always last as long as they should.  Dental decay, injury, and gum disease can lead to tooth loss, and it can happen to anyone.  Losing teeth can hurt more than just your pride.  It can negatively impact your overall health, and at a minimum, can cause a great inconvenience to your daily life.  Replacing lost teeth with dentures has been around for centuries.  From early as 500 BC through George Washington’s experience with them to now…dentures have dramatically improved people’s lives.  From false teeth made of ivory to porcelain dentures, technology has improved along the way to the point where modern anchored implants function very similar to natural teeth.

After making dentures in our office for 15 years, the one constant that I’ve found is that upper dentures for most everyone turns out looking great, and the patients find that they fit very well.  People normally don’t have any issues transitioning from their natural teeth to a well-made upper denture. Unfortunately, lower dentures are much less predictable. Reason being, there is typically much less gum and bone for a lower denture to rest on, and the tongue is always trying to move it around. Patients can go through tubes of denture adhesive every month just to get some stabilization. That stuff is gross!

I want to be as upfront and honest as possible with all of you, and in fact you will often hear me tell prospective denture patients the hard truth about dentures. From our years of 13_ZES_027_INPLACE_Office_Posters_PRINT_READYexperience in making dentures in our office, we’ve found that for every 100 upper dentures we make 99 of our patients are very happy. Lower dentures are a very different story, however. With lower dentures, about half of our patients can keep the teeth in without any problems. The other half experiences their dentures moving around due to an unruly tongue or receded gums and bone.  The good news is, for the patients that struggle with a traditional lower denture we now have dental implants that can help our patients secure their denture in place so they can eat whatever they want, and be confident that it’s not going to move, slip or come out unexpectedly.

For the last 10 years we have routinely installed dental implants for patients to help stabilize lower dentures. This has greatly improved the satisfaction of our patients, and the life-changing experience for these people has been quite remarkable. Due to advances in technology and technique refinements, the procedure has become extremely predictable, rarely needing us to cut the gums or requiring stitches. Thanks to our on site denture laboratory, patients are often able to use their newly connected lower denture that same day.

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The procedure has also become more affordable than ever, as we are often able to hook implants up to the patient’s current denture saving them time and money.  Plus, the financing options we offer allows for low monthly payments, which has opened up this possibility to a vast number of patients. Truth be told, there is no reason to suffer with a loose, ill-fitting lower denture any longer.  Dental implants, both upper and lower, can change people’s lives.  It is so rewarding to see how these implants dramatically improve the quality of life for our patients.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation to see how dental implants can change the way you feel about your dentures.  I reallyenjoy performing this service for patients. It is so gratifying to give someone back a beautiful smile and functioning teeth after Inplace Testimonial-3years of struggling with eating and embarrassment about their appearance.

Dr. Jason



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