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WendyThis month Finger Lakes Dental Care of Victor will be opening!  This idea, ultimately born between me and Jason nearly a year ago, is the culmination of my family’s support, superb dental training, and trust I have earned over the years from all of my patients.  I thought I would take a moment and tell my story, and share with you my journey from a childhood dream to opening a new office!

Born in Fairport (where my parents still live), like so many little girls, I was a proud member of a local Girl Scout troop.  On one illustrious day I was asked to pick a career…you’ll never guess what I chose!  Yes, it was to be a DENTIST.  In fact, as a child I actually liked going to the dentist (I loved choosing a new toothbrush and receiving a prize for being such a good patient).  This career “choice” stuck through my grade school years, despite often hearing the obligatory “oh, that’s cute”.  That’s ok, because not being taken seriously only served to harden my determination!

Following high school, I entered the Pre-Dental program at SU, while also working at the Eastman Dental School during the summers.  It was my time at Eastman where I started to really learn about instruments, procedures, and most importantly…patient care! This experience did a fantastic job of preparing me for Dental school!  This was a good thing, because ASTAND-ASSNK1while attending the University at Buffalo Dental School, I had little time for anything other than studying!

The four years of dental school whizzed by, and I decided to return to the Eastman Dental School at U of R and enter their residency program.  This was a great experience, and I was able to immerse myself in my trade and build on the skills I learned in dental school.  I ultimately stayed in the area and bought my own little house in Bushnell’s Basin.  At the time, it was just me and my dog Sassafras (now 14 sitting next to me as I write this).  But, I soon “re-met” my now husband Shawn, whom I had originally met in 1989.  We were married in 2004 and then moved to Victor where we live today with our two wonderful boys Paxton (9) and Dane (7).

Ok, time for a fun fact…following my residency, I began working at a dental practice in Brighton.  But …I was also a team dentist for the Amerks/Sabers organization. If you know anything about hockey, you can only imagine how busy that job could be.  You’ll have to ask me about some funny locker room stories from my time there.

About six years ago an opportunity at FLDC in Canandaigua presented itself, and despite not being a big fan of change, I thankfully took the leap of faith and joined Jason’s practice.  During my time in Canandaigua I was able to really hone my skills.  But, I have to say, some of my fondest memories are the wonderful people I met and relationships I was able to develop.

This brings me to today!  After coming up with a plan to open another location, the finishing touches are being made to the FLDC location in Victor. Victor Office My own dental office!!! I now get to bring state of the art dental care with a personal caring touch to MY own neighborhood!   All the hard work has finally paid off, and I have to tell you that even at the age of 43, there’s few greater feelings than making your parents proud of you!  I walked my dad thru the construction the other day and he looked so happy 🙂

Not only will the new office offer the same superior dental care as the Canandaigua office, I am ensuring this care is delivered in the same family environment. I made sure to staff the new office with friends that I consider family.

If you are a current patient in Canandaigua, and the Victor location is more convenient please give us a call, as we are making appointments now!  And, please don’t forget to tell all of your friends to come join our family where they can expect to receive superior dental care by a caring and trusting dental team.

Dr. Wendy

Victor Days


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