Smile Gallery

Welcome to our Smile Gallery! Check out these amazing smile transformations with before and after images of examples of procedures we perform in our office. 


Oliva had some bonding done on her front teeth a few years ago. Although at the time she was happy with the results, over time Oliva had noticed the bonding stain and started to chip. She desired a solution that would be longer lasting and more esthetic. She was thrilled with her new smile.

There are several issues with this patient’s teeth. He is a heavy grinder, which causes the edges of the teeth to chip away and the wear patterns in the lower image. The yellowish area is the second layer of tooth structure, which is the dentin. The dentin is much softer than the outer layer of tooth (enamel). If you look closely at the top image, you will also see that the teeth are starting to wear away at the gum line, which may be caused by grinding or by brushing too hard. The treatment consisted of composite bonding at the gum line, at the edges of the teeth, and on the inside, as well as making a night guard to protect the composite and the tooth structure. The results were very good when compared to the before images. The patient did not want the space closed.


Ellen wanted whiter teeth and some minor improvements to an already great smile. Trying to stay as conservative as possible, we decided to whiten all of her teeth and then place a porcelain crown on her front tooth. The result was taking a nice smile to an exceptional one.

This patient’s tooth broke off at the gumline. He also had crowns on some teeth that did not fit well and needed to be replaced. The patient was very happy with the results. An implant replaced the broken tooth, the old crowns were replaced, and the bottom teeth were whitened.


Sally struggled with her teeth all her life. Once it was determined that advanced periodontal disease left her teeth with a very poor prognosis, we decided together that removal of the teeth and restoring her oral health with dentures and implants was her best option. The results are great and she wishes she would have done the treatment years ago.


This patient lost her front tooth in an ice skating accident. The options were to place a three tooth bridge, which requires the removal of some of the adjacent teeth, an implant, or a removable appliance such as a partial denture. The patient chose to have an implant placed. The completed treatment appears completely natural. If you did not know that there had been a tooth missing, you would not be able to tell that any treatment had been done.

The most common of the congenitally missing teeth are the upper laterals. This patient was born without an adult lateral tooth. A single implant was placed and the result is very natural looking. The center tooth, next to the implant, had a veneer placed on it, and the gum tissue was trimmed so that it matched the center tooth next to it.

This patient lost several teeth in an auto accident. In the top photo, he is wearing a removable partial denture, which did not match his other teeth, which had porcelain crowns. Six implants were placed and the old crowns were replaced. The result is very natural looking and the patient now has the confidence to eat, laugh, and smile.

This patient lost all of his natural teeth many years ago and wore upper and lower full dentures, but had difficulty with his lower dentures staying in place. Implants were placed on the bottom. The patient had no problem with his top denture staying in place so no implants were placed on top. The lower denture clips onto the bars between the implants and is very stable, yet the patient is able to remove the denture when he needs to brush and clean the implants. The result is a solid chewing surface and the patient can eat whatever food he desires.

This patient had lost all of her natural teeth and had worn dentures for over 20 years. Both the top and bottom dentures were loose because there was not much bone for the denture to sit on. Four implants, two on top and two on the bottom, were placed. The dentures are removable for cleaning, but they clip onto the implants using rings. They are very stable and natural looking.

The picture on top shows the patient with a missing tooth. On the bottom, a dental implant has been placed and the gum tissue has healed for six weeks. The picture on top shows the implant with a post, which is the foundation for a porcelain crown. On the bottom is the finished treatment, which shows how natural dental implants can appear.


Anna always wanted a better smile but was unsure how to go about doing it. She had gotten to the point where she was very self-conscious about her teeth. Her case was a complex one. It involved many facets of dentistry including orthodontics (braces), implants, and porcelain veneers. After it was all done, we were very happy.

This patient’s lower teeth were slightly out of alignment. This is easily treated with a hidden retainer, meaning a retainer that is fixed to the inside of the teeth. Oral hygiene is very important at all times. The yellow arrows indicate the presence of tartar, and the gum tissue is red and irritated as a result. The alignment of the teeth is corrected with the fixed retainer. The health of the gum tissue is greatly improved.


Wilson had some old dentistry in his mouth that he knew he was going to have to eventually have redone. He just couldn’t find a dentist he was comfortable with. After meeting Jason and developing a relationship with the office, he knew it was time to get his mouth taken care of.  Through strong porcelain crowns and bridges and some gum treatments we were able to restore Wilson’s oral health and smile to optimal levels.

The large mass that you see above is simply an overgrowth of bone. It occurs in about 20% of the population. It only needs to be removed for cosmetic reasons, if it interferes with speech, or if a removal appliance such as a denture needs to be made. This was a one-appointment procedure, which was performed because the large overgrowth of bone was affecting speech and eating.


Jane desired to close some spaces in her smile. After discussing all of her treatment options together we decided that porcelain veneers would best meet her goals. Keeping her desire to be as conservative as possible we were able to close her spaces using only 4 veneers and still yield a very esthetic result. Jane was very pleased.

Through years of clenching and grinding, Mark’s teeth were quite chipped and worn. Smoking and coffee had also made them a color he was not proud of. Through conservative porcelain veneers we were able to actually strengthen his teeth and change the shape and color to his liking. We were both very happy with the results.