Canandaigua Community Meal

Hi everyone, Dr. Jason here,
This past Thanksgiving, we made a commitment to give back to our community in the form of a community meal. Our first event was a huge success, and we want to build on that momentum with our next meal this April. On April 4th, we will be providing our second community meal at the Canandaigua Fire Hall. We have added a couple partners in our effort, as we hope to provide even more help to those in need. We have also added a page on our webpage with information on our events, and a form to let us know if/how you are able to help.
Back in November we set-out to accomplish two goals:
• Provide a hot meal over Thanksgiving week for anyone who needs it.

• Create awareness for those in need, and build on our first event in order to provide additional community meals on a frequent basis.

I feel we accomplished these goals, and if the excitement and activity on social media is indication, we are well on our way to accomplish these goals again in April.
How can you help?

1. Awareness—the most important thing we can all do is make sure the people that truly need this help know that this is available to them. We can make this possible if you can help spread the word of this event.

• Forward this email on to friends and family

• Print out the flyer and hand it to someone at your church who routinely works with those in need.

• Share this information with any community organizations that you are affiliated with.

Anything you can do will help!
2. Contribute—provide baked goods and coffee. We are blessed to have the Green Front helping us with preparations for the dinner. However, we do need help with deserts and coffee. If you feel you can help with this please let us know.

3. Donate—commit to a small monetary donation for future community meals that we organize. Being able to help out those in need for the holidays is great, but if we are really honest with ourselves, there is a huge need in this community every day, not just around Thanksgiving. It’s our vision to be able to have community meals serving all those who need it on a monthly basis. This cannot become a reality without a commitment from others.

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to read through this and I would ask you to consider helping this movement in some way. Please reach out to me if I can answer any questions or concerns that you have.


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